Welcome to my Substack!👋 My name is Amalie, and I am an eating disorder recovery coach, researcher and podcaster passionate about the science of eating disorders and recovery. More about me and how I work here, plus you can check out my podcast ‘Recovery Talk’ here. I’m also on Instagram at @amalielee and @letsrecover.co.uk.

(Me, back when I was rocking the Bisexual Bob™️)

Like approx. everyone I know, I’ve grown increasingly disillusioned with social media lately. The clickbait, the simplifications, the pressure to compress content into quick, simplified and attention-grabbing reels… It’s not for me, and especially not when my content revolves around something as complex as eating disorder recovery!

I started my podcast ‘Recovery Talk’ in 2021, to discuss topics with the nuance and depth it deserves. I love podcasting and I love writing, so I thought, why not do something similar to my podcast, but in written form? Ta-da, this Substack was born.

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Amalie Lee

Eating disorder recovery coach, Let's Recover founder, researcher and host of the podcast 'Recovery Talk'. Find me at Instagram @amalielee and @letsrecover.co.uk, or at my website letsrecover.co.uk.